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Dysfunctional families: The Chorltons.

We hear a lot about so called dysfunctional families. You know the sort of thing, the benefit, tracksuit wearing chavs whos only effort is to produce another generation of chavs.

Yet there are some who work and who could put any feral chavs to shame with their scams.

Take this little beauty in the pic, one Keith "Dont call me" Wilmot Chorlton, head of Yes Loans.

No doing a bit of painting an decorating on the side here, our Chorlton has been barred for fraud from being a company director.

Not that that was a problem as Chorlton won an exemption from that ban in 2008, allowing him to become a company director of three businesses: Yes Loans, Blue Sky Personal Finance in Aberkenfig, near Bridgend, and Leeds-based Phomes On Finance.

I covered his running this dubious sub-prime loan company here.

Our Chorlton despite being barred as a director is still running Yes Loans, despite telling porkie pies to The Mirror about his being an "advisor".

I went into that in a lot more detail here.

Oh I even pointed out how the hoons running the WDA fawned all over the Dial callcentre, despite problems being known at that time with Chorlton.
I even brought up my contacting a certain New Labour MP, who replaces boilers at taxpayers expense about this and his not bothering to get back to myself.

Then my contacting certain government departments and listing in detail exactly how Crossit Marketing - a sub company of Chorltons - was breaking the data protection act and passing information onto other companys run by - yep you got it - one Keith "don't call me" Wilmot Chorlton.

But as I joked before here, the ginger one is not the only dysfunctional one in the family. His now late offspring followed in dads frauster footsteps in many ways.

Son deads from drugs, enough of them were done in the toilets by staff when I was there....

Update OFT growls at Chorlton:

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