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Fake Charity Alcohol Concern - Spouting horse shit again.

From the Morningadvertiser...Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker offered to work alongside the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) and think tank the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) to investigate ways to help responsible pubs survive.

Simple close down the unelected fake charity, the quango that is Alcohol Concern. At a stroke that would help pubs survive.
He was speaking in Parliament at the launch of IPPR’s report, funded by Camra, into the social value of community pubs.

Shenker said Alcohol Concern is “not an anti-pub organisation. What we are in favour of is responsible drinking, retailing and selling of alcohol.
Oh for fucks sake Shenker, do you expect the public to buy that?

Lets have a look at what this quango of non elected non jobs supports:
Supports banning happy hours. = higher costs.
Raising the price of alcohol = higher costs.
Banning glass bottles in pubs = higher costs.
Warning labels on cans and bottles = higher costs.
Along with the use of piss poor plastic glasses, now used in my town centre and another cost that struggling pubs have to deal with.

This useless bunch of state funded nannys describes the introduction of cigarette-style warning labels on bottles as "a very good first step".
“We want to be able to encourage Government to be tough on irresponsible pubs and more favourable to well-run pubs.
Look there are already enough laws to deal with and close down pubs that allow illegal activities to take place. Anyone who even suspects anything going on can call up the local licensing officer - every council has one - and have a word with them.
“I think we do want to see a situation where pubs that are well run are incentivised so those that are not well run are from prevented from doing so.”
Oh bollocks, I think the light has dawned that maybe you are killing off the golden goose. Close all the pubs down and there is no longer a need for state funded non jobs like Alcohol Concern.
Shenker said most irresponsible practice in the on-trade doesn’t occur in community pubs. He criticised some on-trade deals such as all-inclusives and free-shot-with-a-pint offers.
Shenker added: “We share the concern around the high degree of pub closures in the country and want to see protection for pubs that are well run.
The best protection they can have is a lowering of duties, oh and for non job quango's funded by my taxes to fuck the fuck off.
“I really want to support the community pubs. It’s important to support a pub where alcohol is being regulated; the problem with drinking at home is it isn’t regulated."
Shenker urged pubs to offer smaller servings of drinks. He said producers should lower the alcohol content of drinks so people can consume the same volume but take less alcohol.
I really fail to see why Camra even give these cunts the time of day. Camra claim to support the pub trade, dealing with these vipers is as responsible as putting Garry Glitter in charge of a childrens home.

  • According to its 2007/08 accounts, out of a total income of £903,246, Alcohol Concern received £515,000 (57%) from the Department of Health (£400,000 unrestricted and £115,000 in restricted funds). It received just £4,991 in public donations.

2 people have spoken:

Brewblogger said...

The sooner these publicly funded fake charities are given the boot the better.

Curmudgeon said...

And Shenker also supports cutting the drink-drive limit which would do for country pubs what the smoking ban has done for urban locals.

For him to claim to be a supporter of pubs when he wants to get most of them closed down is on a par with Hitler claiming to be a friend of the Jews.