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Fraser Kemp - Claimed for 2 DVD players.

Aye up! Trouble at New Labour mill.............Labour MP Fraser Kemp has reportedly admitted he should not have claimed for two DVD players one month after the other, and that claims for 16 sheets in the space of seven weeks for his one-bedroom flat were a mistake.

They are among the revelations published in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph as the MPs' expenses scandal continues to engulf Westminster.

The former Labour whip, 50, who has played a key role in the party's election strategies for more than 10 years, said he would be repaying the money after the paper asked him about the purchases, it is said.

Maybe he was planning on borrowing some movies from Mr Jacqui Smith?...

Mr Kemp tried to claim for a second television, a Samsung with a plasma screen costing £1,699, in April 2005. When the fees office wrote to him to advise that it could only pay up to £750 for a television, Mr Kemp took the item back to Currys on the Old Kent Road in London.

He also charged the taxpayer £105.75 for an engineer to attend to his washing machine when he could not figure out how to operate it. An invoice from F&M Services in May 2005 records that the customer reported that “the selector wheel is not clicking round to drain”.

What a thick bastard, Jesus wept. Can't operate a fucking washing machine an yet thinks he can make laws for this land!
After examining the appliance, the engineer writes: “Machine set on rinse hold. Advised customer.”

Mr Kemp, who is standing down at the next election, seems to have profited from the sale of his flat after claiming legal fees of £1,532 back from the taxpayer.
He sold the property for £230,000 in December 2005, five years after buying it for an estimated £110,000. Mr Kemp then bought an apartment for £475,000 and his mortgage claims increased by more than 50 per cent, from £600 to £1,054 a month.
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4 people have spoken:

Catosays said...

If he's used 16 sheets in 7 weeks looks like he's already viewed the movies.
Tosser...oooops Freudian slip of the wrist.

I don't believe this...WV...drothel

Dazed and Confused said...

I wondered when my own outgoing twat would make an appearance.

So I now learn, that not only is he a despicable coward in stepping down afore he's voted out - he's also a champagne Socialist troughing piggie.

Well I never!

I would like to challenge him on the above, but the odious cunt has forgotten who his constituents are these days, and he's playing the part of the invisible man - and I use the term "Man" with loosest possible interpretation .

Utter filth!

MK said...

Nice to hear they're finally being shamed into the right thing. It's even making world news, all those labour pigs with their snouts in the trough.

Glad to finally hear some good news coming out of your fine nation Fido.

KG said...

What MK said Fido. :-)
It's great fun watching the bastards squirm.