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Glenda Jackson - Dubious acting and a dubious MP.

Glenda Jackson time serving dire MP....She claimed £8,850 to cover the cost of the publication which was called First Magazine.

Ms Jackson agreed to pay back the money because the publication carried a reference to the Labour Party in breach of the rules.

In March 2006 she claimed £7,500 in office expenses from the taxpayer to pay her local party for the "provision of constituency services during 2006".

The payment, which was claimed on her Incidental Expenditure Provision (IEP) covered the cost of "constituency contacts, office facilities, member's surgery support, administration and the downloading of the electoral register".

The payment was made to Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Party.

Ms Jackson claimed £7,500 for similar services the following year and £1,500 to cover the costs of services provided by her local party in 2005.

Ms Jackson, 73, has also made several claims for money to cover the cost of a subscription to Computing for Labour which is run from the party's HQ and exists to provide technological tools and support. She made three separate claims for £50 to cover the cost of her subscription to CLF.

She turned up for only 27 per cent of votes, spoke in only two debates and did not ask any parliamentary questions in 2007-8, she claimed a total of £136,793 in allowances, to cover travel, home, office and staffing costs.

Well what fucking poor value she is, as over rated as her arty films. £136 grand for just 2 debates. A trained fucking monkey could do better and John Prescott has shown that that is the case.

6 people have spoken:

Gigits said...

Very poor value indeed.

I can't think of a single film, that she was in, that I would want to watch either once or again.

Tits were bad in those days as well; imagine them now, I bet they are like a spaniels ears.

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell Fido, that got my attention.

On reflection though, shit tits and even shittier value for money.

Fidothedog said...

Cue comments about New Labour puppies etc.

Catosays said...

Oi, I've got a spaniel and his ears don't look anything like those. He's got nice ears, so he has and he's mortally offended.

Shades Of Ansel said...

Expenses aside for a momment,I met and photographed Glenda in my role as a professional photographer,and must say,that she was THE most down-to-earth celeb I have ever photographed.She didn't mind my requests for posing,and treated me with respect.Most other celebs I photographed in my time,were so stuck up their own arses that they could sing through them.THE worst being Sir Robin Day.WHAT an arrogant wanker.

Anonymous said...

This is the most apalling character assasination. Regardless of her abilities as an MP and what seems very modearte claims for expenses, there is no need whatsoever to impugn Jackson's acting ability. She was a fine actress for many years and her films remain very watchable. She has the courage to stand up for her ideals as a parliamentarian and it would be much more helpful if the author of this twaddle coul;r engage in sensible debate rather than trying to destroy the good name of a principled MP and fine actress.