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Ian Davidson paid "friend" £5,500 to renovate flat then took him shooting, oh an we all paid for it.

The Labour MP for Glasgow South West took the handyman, who he described as a “family friend”, shooting at two events organised by the National Rifle Association.
In one match he was on a Commons’ team against the House of Lords. Mr Davidson said he “could not recall” whether the handyman paid his own costs.

Mr Davidson also had reclining furniture that cost nearly £1,500 delivered to his Glasgow home when he was claiming his Commons allowance on the flat in south London. He said the suite was later driven to London.
The MP claimed for both bills and was paid in full.

A note from a Commons official concerning Mr Davidson paying a property search agency to help him find a new flat records how the MP “had already claimed £1,000 of taxpayers’ money with nothing to show for it. Concerned about how long this would go on for.

In the event, the bill for finding Mr Davidson a flat came to £6,000. The fees’ office agreed a proportion of this sum. He also billed the taxpayer for more than £11,000 to move flat.
Mr Davidson said permission to employ his “family friend” had been “specifically requested from the fees office and agreed on the basis that it would be cheaper than employing a London firm.

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