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Ian McCartney - A champagne socialist who claimed for champagne, flutes and £700 table and chairs!

An folks we have a winner, a fucking champagne socialist cunt who really did charge us all for the champagne......Mr McCartney’s claim, which was submitted in 2006, included £4,045 on furniture for a bedroom and lounge, £3,300 spent at B&Q, £1,328 on two settees, £817 on towels and kitchen ware, £699 on a mattress, £699 on a dining table and chairs, £662 on bedding and soft furnishings, £399 on a television, £249 on a vacuum cleaner and another £241 on soft furnishings. It also included £1,815.37 on decorating.

The House of Commons fees office informed Mr McCartney that the total claim of £16.274.10 exceeded the John Lewis list limit and it was reduced to £14,914.10. That included reducing a claim of £1,100 for a wardrobe to £600.

Mr McCartney made his claim for a total of £16,274.10 on April 12, 2006 and asked for the items to be off-set against the 2005/06 Additional Costs Allowance. Many of the purchases were made on March 31, the day the 2005/06 financial year expired.

Items he claimed for included an 18-piece dinner set, champagne flutes and wine glasses.

Two years later, on July 29, 2008, Mr McCartney wrote to the fees office explaining that he wanted to pay the money back following rule changes related to claiming for furniture, soft furnishings and decorations.

Oh please let this fat grasping cunt die from a heart attack in slow fucking agony.

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

how fucking amazing! all those luxury items helped him do his job better!.to say im roaming at the mouth is an understatement!..wheres my piano wire?..i want to hang the cunt!

Fidothedog said...

Need a lot of wire to hang that fat cunt.