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Its our DNA not yours.

BBC Pravda - soon to be funded by a tax on Google if Labour have their way, dutifully report:
"Ministers are to trim up to 850,000 DNA profiles from the current total of 4.5m on a national database after a court ruled innocent people must be removed."
"Those arrested, but later released or acquitted, will have their profiles wiped after between six and 12 years. "
So the EU state they must remove DNA of innocent people and the government state that the EU can fuck off and they are hanging onto it for up to 12 years. 

Despite these people having committed no crime or being guilty of anything. 

So much for the following of the law laid down by a court in the EU and the presumption of innocent until proven guilty under Labour.

2 people have spoken:

John A Thomson said...

Thank f*&k I live in Scotland where we have sensible laws for DNA usage by the Nu Laburr Stazi!

I get well sick of those people who say if you've done nothin' to hide then there is nothin' to fear from the various police-state measures!

John A Thomson said...

Actually what am I saying.... justice is a devoid power, so the Nu Laburr Stazi can only strike international deals such as the one going on to stop the Libyian Bomber's appeal. Hopefully, the Justice Minister in Scotland will put a stop to the dirty dealings going on at Westminster and we'll get at the truth of the "state sponsored" duplicity and the possible miscarriage of justice!