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Janet Anderson Labour MP - Drives around the World!

Gosh this hard working MP does a lot of travelling......Janet Anderson, MP for Rossendale and Darwen in Lancashire, submitted a claim for £11,996, equating to 41,984 miles. It is the equivalent of 91 round trips to her constituency, or five round trips for each week that parliament sat.

In addition, Mrs Anderson claimed £2,987 in rail fares - enough for at least 11 round trips to her constituency - and £2,693 in air fares, together with another £715 in "miscellaneous" travel expenses.

As well as having the biggest mileage claim of any MP, Mrs Anderson claimed £23,039 for her second home, even though she lives with her partner, Labour MP Jim Dowd, at his constituency home in Lewisham during the week. Mr Dowd, meanwhile, claimed a London Supplement of £2,812 on the couple's home in the capital.

Mrs Anderson claimed a total of £173,556 in expenses and allowances in 2007-8, the seventh highest claim of any MP. It is a huge increase from the £155,610 she claimed in the previous year.
Oink, oink oink...
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Anonymous said...

I bet she wishes she hadn't now!

Old Bag said...

crybaby: thats doubtful..all troughing pigs are fucking morally bankrupt.