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Jim Murphy (Lab) - Sec. of state for Scotland doing bugger all for Scotland.

The Herald has the story....The crisis over the duty hike for whisky last year brought no action or intervention from Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy, said the SNP last night.

Citing Freedom of Information requests to the Scotland Office, SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said Mr Murphy's inaction at a time of crisis for a major Scottish industry destroyed the myth of him as a "hyper-energetic" Scottish Secretary.

"Last year saw two duty increases on whisky by the government, meaning they planned a 17% rise in a single year, one of the largest such hikes in history," said Mr Robertson. "This correspondence shows that the Scotland Office was not involved in the run-up to the highest increase in duty every planned."

The first 9% rise last March caused the Scottish Whisky Association (SWA) "extreme dismay" and they called it "punitive" and likely to set a damaging precedent for the export market. The second planned rise of 8% in the autumn was swiftly reduced to 4%.

The SNP asked the Scotland Office for details of all meetings that took place in the run-up to that second hike with either the Treasury or the SWA, but the FoI request was rebuffed as being against the public interest.

A follow-up request was made simply asking whether any such meetings had taken place. The reply stated that there was no record of any meeting with industry representatives.

Jim also spat on the brave Gurkhas by voting with the scum in New Labour against letting these men stay in the UKLink

4 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

This is a real disgrace. The Sunday Times had the article too so I posted about it. All his 'I do everything I can for Scotland' drivel.

The man makes me want to spit.

Fidothedog said...

What he meant to say was "All I can ever do to fool the plebs and fiddle me expenses..."

Anonymous said...

Us Scots may have a self-deprecating sense of humour with this Jock, Donald where's yer troosers stuff but we're nobodies fools and we certainly wasn't born yesterday.

We've got this idiots Maragaret Curran trying to play the class warrior by attacking Maggie even although her party leader had invited her to 10 Downing street not that long ago.


From the internet, it looks like she is trying to get a Westminster seat at the next election but she's on a hiding onto nothing.

Anonymous said...

Maggot Curran wants away from the transparancy of the Scottish Parliament's expenses system to put her snout in the Westminster trough.

Jim Murphy is Gordie's henchman trying to destablise and embarass the SNP government at every possible turn. A complete lightweight in comparison to the big guns of the SNP cabinet who usually manages to embarass himself.

However, there are still may flocks of sheep up here in Scotland that will vote for the lice infested Nu Layburr!