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Lembit Opik: Lib Dem grasping hoon.

Lembit Opik another elected piggy.....Who missed out on fucking over the taxpayer for a brand new telly!

Mr Opik bought the television for his second home after the Commons had broken up for the 2005 general election.

When an election is called, MPs technically lose their jobs and can only resume claiming second home allowances if they are returned to Westminster by their constituents.

An official in the Commons fees office annotated his claim form with the words “NOT ALLOWED (purchased during dissolution)”. Mr Opik has claimed a total of £68,031 for the flat since 2004. Last year, he claimed £12,655 for extensive renovation work. This included a new kitchen, repainting throughout and the installation of wooden flooring in his bedroom.

In May 2006, Mr Opik also billed a £40 summons for his non-payment of council tax on the flat to his second home expenses. After being approached by the Telegraph, Mr Opik said: “I am willing to pay back the £40.”

He successfully claimed £890 for a smaller television and new video recorder.

In July last year, Mr Opik claimed £135 for a triple mirror and coffee table from Argos.

A month earlier, he had bought another £120 coffee table from an internet retailer. He had it delivered to his constituency office in Wales, before claiming for it on second home expenses.
Earlier that year he also had a £139 stool and table set delivered to the office. He told the fees office this was because no one could receive the items at the London flat during working hours.
Mr Opik said he brought the table down by car “because this happened to be the most practical way to take delivery for this item”.

I am quite surprised looking at his east European bint, that he never submitted a claim for dog food...
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Old Bag said...

cheeky fucking hoon...

Fidothedog said...

Which him or the Romanian dog he is shafting?