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Lord Foulkes of bumfluff.

Lord Foulkes of bumfluff has been on the telly box attempting to defend the position of MP's against the anger of irate plebs an proles.

He attacks the BBC for "sneering at democracy". So a former Labour MP pushed up into the Lords by a Labour government - whos voting record shows that Foulkes has been an ultra-loyal Labour peer and always voted with the Labour party during 07/08 - accuses the BBC of undermining democracy when they try and hold people like him to account.

This from a chap who earns £52,000 a year in his 'day' job as a Member of the Scottish Parliament. But the demands of Holyrood haven't stopped George Foulkes claiming a further £54,527 in expenses over the past year as a member of the House of Lords.

Statistics released at Westminster revealed that Foulkes, a Labour list MSP for Lothian, claimed £21,014 for overnight stays in London, which he used to finance his flat in the city. A further £7,626 was claimed for meals and incidental travel not covered by his £16,327 travel allowance for journeys by car, train and aeroplane.

As Lord Foulkes, he attended the upper chamber 94 times over the past financial year, charging taxpayers an average of £580 for each day of parliamentary business there.

Office costs amounted to £9,474, according to the figures – covering the year from April 2007 to the end of March 2008 – and, finally, the figures show £86 in claims for postage costs. His Holyrood expenses were only to £3,649.

Lord Foulkes of Cumnock is paid £36,000 a year as a parliamentary consultant to Eversheds LLP for services that include introducing clients to select committee chairmen in the Lords and Commons. Although the arrangement is disclosed in the register of members’ interests, the disclosue that he is being paid specifically for his Westminster connections will deepen the row over the “cash for amendments” allegations.

So there you go, as pure as the driven snow is Lord Foulkes of bumfluff. No question of him being as sleazy as the very MP's he defends, move along now...
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2 people have spoken:

Fausty said...

The man is a thug and a danger for high blood pressure sufferers!

His 'debating' tactic is to talk over those who disagree with him just as they are about to make a valid point.

Fidothedog said...

Quite simply he is in need of a kick in the cunt.