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The Mother of Parliaments has become a whorehouse.

Gordon Brown is now called the worst prime minister in living memory, and officially the worst leader of the Labour Party ever. 
With a poll rating of 23 per cent, his popularity has slumped to its lowest level since polling began in 1943.

He has lost all moral authority and his moral compass is lost for all time; look at what The Commons has become. 

Grasping MP's on all sides see the chance to make a few quid - other peoples money of course - and whore their principles for everything from dog food through to tampons and even porn films. Hell 30 pieces of silver might be a refreshing change.

What do we here from the PM, not a root and branch call to prune expenses, not a call to have HMRC called in claw back stolen tax money, not even an offer to get the police in through the door when fraud has been suspected.

We get a Labour party e-mail saying that what they have done is within the rules, all legal and then the fiasco of MP's increasing the amount they can grab in expenses.

They even talk of setting up an independent auditor to oversee MP claims, followed by tales that this might be a ruse to deflect freedom of information requests from concerned parties. It would not surprise me if that were the case.

Just look at the reaction of those in power and the silence of those who should be yelling loudly for Parliament to be closed. Many of the MP's see the only outrage as their petty scams, fiddles and allowances being exposed before they were due to be released.

Parliament a whorehouse that would fit in well in ancient Babylon or Rome.

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2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Have just watched that piece of shit Michael Martin,The Speaker on the TV - he was only concerned that the data that was stolen was totally wrong!
Nothing about being "sorry about my fraudulent claims".
Oh and he was also scared this morning when he drove around Parliament Sq and the Tamil demonstrators got in his way and he could have got hurt - now there's an idea!!........

Fidothedog said...

Where is a Tamil suicide bomber when we need one?