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The new Andrew Marr sockpuppet

Actually a sockpuppet might be a bit tougher with regards asking the PM awkward questions...

4 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

What the fuck would you expect from a Beeboid who was known as Red Andy in his younger days?

These Socialist cunts are linked at the hip!

Man Of The Woods said...

I think you may have made a typo there dogster.


Shouldn't that be Cockpuppet?

John A Thomson said...

I thought Gordo was going to lose it even with a friendly interviewer! There was a moment or two near the beginning when the red rage was starting to wash over him then Wee Andy backed off! Damn! Was looking forward to seeing a melt down on TV.

We must also remember the Westminster journalist need to play the game or they get sent to Coventry! Bloody juvenile politicians who can't handle it if the journalist gets the better of them.

Perhaps time for a clearout of journalists to go along with the scrapping of shit from the proverbial Westminster Parliament's shoe! :-)

Screech said...

i always thought this cunt looked a bit like a photofit anyway, i used to say to the Queer one whenever he appeared on the box, "look here's Mr Mix'n'match"