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New Labour lying and stealing your council tax.

The Labour government stealing your money again....Since 2005 the government has known that about 700,000 people have overpaid their Council Tax, overpaid whilst MP's claim it back on expense. 

Not only did they know and choose to do nothing but actively conspired to cover it up.
"New documents have shown that more than 700,000 households may have been overcharged to the tune of tens of millions ... they tried to keep it secret because coming clean would have embarrassed the Government and reduced its tax take from homeowners. A Treasury spokesman did not dispute that the mistake could have cost tens of millions of pounds, but said passages in the documents had been blacked out because they referred to 'ongoing policy issues'."
Thankfully, like everything New Labour touch this also turned to shit and the redacted sections could be seen. 
Hurrah for the government being inept, else we may never have found out.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of fuckwits they are holding in contempt the very people who voted for them. (I didnt) This government is the country's biggest terrorist of all and the sooner we remove this draconian evil, the sooner we can start a recovery process. Give me strength!!!

Fidothedog said...

So inept they can not hide their lies any longer.