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Nick Clegg - A grasping hoon.

Nick Cleggover is at it as well, expenses fiddling not shagging......As well as submitting regular claims for food, gardening, furniture and decorating at his constituency home in Sheffield Hallam, Mr Clegg put in his telephone costs, including several international calls to Colombia, Vietnam, and Spain.

Records seen by The Daily Telegraph show that Mr Clegg regularly claimed at or just below the maximum possible under the additional costs allowance, which may be used by MPs to run a second home.

Last year, he had his expenses docked after exceeding the £23,083 maximum by more than £100. His office manager wrote to the Commons fees office: “This month’s claim takes Nick over the allowance total (just).”

The disclosure came as Mr Clegg made a series of high profile media appearances criticising the allowances system.

“People will just simply despair that all politicians look either ridiculous at best or corrupt at worst,” he said. Mr Clegg has also frequently made play of the issue of MPs’ expenses during regular clashes with Gordon Brown.

Within six months of being elected to Parliament in 2005, Mr Clegg bought a house in his constituency and began charging monthly interest repayments of £1,018 on the £279,000 mortgage on his expenses.

He also submitted the stamp duty, land registry and legal costs, totalling £9,244.50.
Over the following months, he fitted the house with a £2,600 kitchen, and had £5,857.63 worth of decorating done.

He claimed for carpets, a laminate floor, tiling and sanding, curtains, blinds, curtain rails and repairs to a garage door.
After a shopping spree at IKEA in 2006, he submitted claims for items including cushions costing £4.99, a £2.49 cake pan and £1.50 paper napkins.

The following July, Mr Clegg had £680 worth of gardening carried out, including work to “build small wall in rose garden”, followed by £760 for the repair of his garden path. He wrote to the Commons fees office: “When I bought the house the garden had been neglected for years and was very overgrown.

The work undertaken was to deal with this and get the garden back into a position where it can be maintained easily going forwards.” He then employed a gardener to work for four hours a week, submitting claims for £260 a month.

In a form covering the period August 2 to December 13 2005, Mr Clegg submitted a claim that included £1,657.32 for food. Last summer, the Liberal Democrat leader said the pressures of the financial crisis had forced his family to stop shopping at Ocado, the online retailer that distributes groceries from the Waitrose supermarket.

Although Am I alone in thinking that Cleggover is a bit of a cunt, for one the one hand being a grasping fucker and then calling on another grasping fucker Michael Martin to stand down.
Mr Clegg told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that he was not seeking the speaker's resignation "lightly or with any relish" but that it was clear that it was a necessary step to rebuilding confidence in Parliament.

"I don't think he is the right man for the job of leading a renewal of Westminster," he said.

The speaker was a "dogged defender of the status quo", Mr Clegg added, when what Parliament now needed was a radical reformer.
What we need is The House cleared, a hoon free place of debate, where office is seen as a duty for the people not as a freebie junket, a telly, porn film, bathplug an free food grabbing bonanza as well as free property portfolio.

Getting back to Cleggover I have covered this cunt before here and also here
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Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I watched the hoon on Marr's show earlier. Wasn't impressed.

Fidothedog said...

No, I am not happy with his Clegg over attempts on the UK taxpayers either.