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Paul Flynn - plot losing.

You could tell from his post today on his "Read my shyte" post, that Paul Flynn MP was angry with the Telegragh. Best he calm down, he might have another stroke....then again maybe he should get angry, very angry. 

He said: 
"Reading the fine details of minute MPs expenses is bordering on the prurient."

"They are also getting dafter he wails" and lists some cherry picked examples, whilst missing all the big ones reported today - most of which involved Labour MP's, no connection I am sure just saying is all.

Then he attempts to defend Dennis Skinner, claiming they are trying to nail him. If that is the case, I have some decent nails and some large planks of wood. 

But then he sort of wanders off onto a Cameron attack, now I have to admit that I am no fan of the husky hugger Cameron myself. That said even Attila the Hun would make a better PM than that snot gobbling, trouser pissing mono eyed cunt we have in the job now.

Although it did raise a chuckle that whilst attacking the Telegraph he had to use figures quoted in that very paper to do so, then use more figures quoted in that paper for his attack on Cameron.

In doing so would he say that his own motives are prurient at best?

Newport really does deserve better.

I wonder if he did pay his money to Endowment Justice after they sucessfully sued him for libel, from public funds and claim the money back?

Oh maybe this will explain the source of Mr Flynn's anger at the Telegraph:

Paul Flynn claimed £7,052 for new kitchen, £1,153 carpets and £1,200 decoration for his London property in 2005, before selling it and moving to a new £275,000 flat. Claims £9,629 in stamp duty and fees.

Also £16,958.00 2nd home allowance, £13,913.00 on office costs, £92,902.00 staffing costs, £202.00 central stationary, £510.00 stationary & postage. £1,209.00 IT provision, £7,171.00 on communications, £8,096.00 travel, £140,961.00 total.

So lets see £64K a year wages for doing - in my view a poor job - and £140K in expenses on top of that. 

Hardly value for money.

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