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Peter "pitch-ripper" Hain - charged his log store to public funds.

Even the perma tanned wanker is hard at it, ripping off the taxpayers.

Peter charged the cost of a new tin roof for his “log store” to the taxpayer.

According to Mr Hain’s files, he asked if he could claim the mortgage interest on a £440,000 new home which be bought with his second wife Elizabeth Hayward in 2004 — as well as claiming for his former home six miles away.

Mr Hain claimed the maximum amount under the ACA scheme in the past two years. His claims show he used more than £6,000 worth of heating oil at his home in Neath in just over two years.

However, a bill for £357 in February 2006 was not honoured in full because, Mr Hain was told, he had run out of funds for that year.

Still not the first time perma-tan-man has helped himself to other folks money, what with his dubious policy forums oh and a spot of robbery many years back.

Peter "claims" that was the South African security services setting him up, but he could also take a DNA test, after all nothing to fear nothing to hide and all that.

Lets hope he again helps the police with their enquiries.

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