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The plebs revolt. Beckett tells plebs on Question Time they don't understand.

Missed Question Time the other day, but thankfully its on BBC Pravda. 

Worthy of a watch to see the sheer anger at the plebs being told that they did not understand in a condecending and demeaning way how important folk like her are. 

How you see, scum like her are well just so important that they need all our hard earned cash to piss away on 2nd homes, home cinemas, moats, dog food and any thing else they can dream up.

Just look at the faces in the crowd, they are so pissed with that horse faced harridan.

Sadly for her and other grasping fuckers in The Commons, we understand perfectly. 

We understand about living within a budget and not having any expenses.
We understand about having to cut back when laid off work.
We understand about struggling to pay the tax rises/costs MP's impose on us, taxes they do their best to avoid/claim back.
We understand that come election time - every single grasping fucking bastard - who has been exposed re expenses, will be pissing in the wind when it comes to being re-elected.
Most importantly we understand when someone like Beckett is taking the piss.

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3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

She is such an arsehole. I'm gutted I missed it, but its clear to see that every person in that crowd was angry.

It's only a matter of time before these toughers are chopped up into pork sausages.

Catosays said...

Just watched it on Iplayer. Seems to me she's lucky the audience was so restrained. I wouldn't have been.

Dazed and Confused said...

And I'm led to believe that the BBC often fills the question time studio with New Labour activists.

And if they're not happy......

Of course that would explain why the audience are always so biased toward Gordo's glorious Socialists, and indeed why on such occasions they always show such restraint.

By the way Fido, is this blog now being sponsored by Milicunt? Look at the word verification, for why I ask.