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Ready, take aim...FIRE!

Drug smuggler faces firing squad...
Miss Orobator, 20, from London was arrested last August at Wattay airport in the south east Asian country.

Prosecutors claim she had 680 grams (1.3lb or 21 oz) of heroin in her luggage.

Under Lao law the death penalty is mandatory for possession of over 500 grams of heroin. At least 39 people have been sentenced to death for a variety of offences since 2003.

On Thursday, without warning or explanation, the government of Laos rescheduled Miss Orobator's trial for next week, but they have still not announced which day the case will begin.

Don't forget to charge her family for the bullets. Drug dealers I hate them all with a passion.

6 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

No denial that she had the drugs in her possession, but she denies they weren't hers..well that should be fine then and she should be released.

I can't help but agree that the Laos have the right idea and will stamp drugs out way before us.

Fidothedog said...

True, would that more nations took a stronger stance against drugs.

Having lost a few friends over the years I have no sympathy with those who peddle/supply or carry that shit.

Brewblogger said...

Harperson was twittering about this earlier, also saying that the accused is pregnant. Big deal, one less drug smuggling single parent. I'd offer to join the firing squad.

Jack Savage said...

Er....does that apply to your local off-licencee as well?
He is a drug dealer.
What about your tobacconist? He is a drug dealer.
What about all that coffee in your local supermarket. They are drug dealers.
Think it through a little bit.Please.

Fidothedog said...

Jack anyone who deals coke or smack deserves a rope or bullet. Not the same thing at all.

Late One. said...

Why just coke and horse? Tobacco kills more than these, costs the NHS more than these.

But yeah I still smoke. Idiot that I am.