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Sarah McCarthy-Fry claimed for £100 GHD hair straighteners

Sod the £64K a year wage, stick on the taxpayers......Mrs McCarthy-Fry, who is Under-Secretary of State for Schools and Learners, bought the GHD tongs at a salon in her constituency of Portsmouth North.
She put the £99.50 bill from Garbos through on her second home allowance in May 2007, but it was rejected by the fees office.
Mrs McCarthy-Fry was told: “The Department of Finance and Administration is unable to allow costs relating to personal items, in this case hair stylers.”
The Green Book sets out how the additional costs allowance (ACA), currently £24,222 a year, can be spent to help run a second home. It states that only items necessary for MPs’ work are allowable. However, Mrs McCarthy-Fry, who was elected in 2005, was allowed to charge taxpayers £17.50 for the cost of a sewing box bought at John Lewis.
During her first month at Westminster, she moved into a serviced apartment, putting through a £1,950 deposit and £1,408 monthly rent.
She claimed £333.40 for bedding from John Lewis and a £198.95 DVD player.
The following year, she moved into another flat with two female MPs. Her rent fell to £1,011.11 a month. She claimed £1,099.89 for “personal fixtures and fittings” and for a “bedroom and en suite bathroom”, including a chest of drawers and dressing table from Argos, a television, bed linen, an illuminated make-up mirror and a pine mirror costing £49.97.
Another grasping champagne socialist hoon.

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