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Sir Stuart Bell(end) - On MP's

A hat tip to myopic pete, who noted Sir Stuart brown nosing the thieving scum that make up our MP's.

He made a right royal fuck up in attempting to move the blame off of the thieves in The Commons to the newspaper that is reporting on the thieves:
"If this was received by unauthorised means, it is disgraceful that a national newspaper should stoop so low as to buy information which will be in the public domain in July. It undermines the very basis of our democracy and is against all the rules of fair play."
Oh? So when large scale fraud, theft if you will of taxpayers money is reported it should be covered up? Censored to buggery by the very thieves who are grasping plant pots, boilers and porn films at our expense.

Come on even a tool like Sir Stuart knows that leaving expenses to MP's is about as responsible as Gary Glitter in charge of a primary school.

Should a company director attempt to claim back tax monies for half the things listed, things that MPs can grasp, he or she would be investigated by the local plod in double quick time. 

The phrase is "helping police with their enquiries", yet elected officials see nothing wrong with grabbing back council tax, money for mortgages, mock tudor beams, house extentions etc etc. Whilst sitting there in offices that we pay for, eating food we also pay for(£400 food allowance for each MP every month) and making up rules to stop people robbing the tax system.

The only thing MP's should be allowed to claim is travel, basic standard travel from point a to point b. Everything else should come out of their wages. If they can not get by on a basic £60K a year, then are they really the sort of people we need running the nation?
Listen very carefully an you will hear the sound of a Nokia dying as it is thrown across the Downing Street bunker by Cyclops later today....
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