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SPADS for a spaz.

The PM has all the following as Special Advisors(according to Wikipedia):
Dan Corry - Head of Policy Unit
Gavin Kelly - Deputy Chief of Staff
David Muir - Director of Political Strategy
Sue Nye - Director of Government Relations
Justin Forsyth - adviser to the Prime Minister on political press issues
Joe Irvine - Political Secretary to the Prime Minister
Theo Bertram
Konrad Caulkett (p-t)
Matt Cavanagh
Jo Dipple
Michael Jacobs
Patrick Loughran
Geoffrey Norris
Nick Pearce
Lisa Perrin
Stewart Wood
Nicola Burdett

So how come he manages to look a complete and utter hoon in all he says and does? Either that are all completely and utterly shit at their jobs, or they have to manage a cabbage in human form...

4 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

Very clever graphic LV.

Oldrightie said...

They are all Labour sychophants and polishers of you know what. Not a brain cell between them to realise you cannot polish a turd. I suppose we pay them all £200,000 a year, less their donations to The Party?

Screech said...

love the pic, from henceforth, i shall refer to the one eyed idiot as "King Cabbage"

Old Bag said...

or the cabbage patch cunt!...brilliant, fido! worthy or much praise!..never has gordoom been portrayed more lifelike.