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50p fixed line connection stealth tax.

Well its only 50p a month some might say, or £6 a year. Although its a principle that annoys me, also it is not needed.

If I could I would be shot of my landline, alas it is part of the cable/internet package and so my line will one of those taxed by HM Govt.

Now as I already pay a subscription to my provider - Virgin Media - why should there be another tax imposed on top of that? Tax is also taken out of that bill by HM Govt. But, and this is the important bit that appears to be missed. The cable company and many others are already rolling out across the land, have already paid out lots of money to extend their services to outlaying areas. Money is provided for that through my and others bills.

Some will bleat "I can't get broadband, its not fair. I want to run my business from home." - Well move to a town where there is a decent phone network." - Tough I say, nobody wanted to chip in when I didn’t have broadband access. Now I and every fixed phone line user is being forced to pay more for people who don’t yet have broadband in remote shires and hamlets.

You know that this tax is just the first step, it will increase year on year, other taxes will also be added. Come on its Labour, they love to spend other folks money.

It will be of interest to see the money trail, who gets the cushy contracts, who lands a deal to lay cables out to Twatt(a name that always reminds me of Gordon for some reason?) on the mainland of Orkney?
Tax the people enough and every hovel in the land can have broadband, but someone always has to pay that tax. Will they want to use it is the other question.

A few might, but a lot of older people have no interest in going on line what so ever. Also there are a lot of people who use "free internet" in libraries paid for out of the community charge. I happen to know a few people who do that, seeing no need to pay what they see as large bill each month for a service they use on an "as an when needed" basis.

I forsee large projects, running over budget, with an Internet Czar at the top who answers to Lord Amstrad and Lord Fondlebum. Cable contracts given to companies who are the "best companies offering value for money for the UK taxpayer" and who's directors have a proven record in providing value for money and have donated to New Labour.

Plus we also have mobile internet, not half an hour seems to pass without some new phone claiming it has a better and bigger screen, faster download speed and can take care of ones interweb needs for a small fee.

When consumers see this tax passed on they will grumble and as most of them are already taxed to the hilt, in fear of being laid off and cutting back on spending it will not win Gordon any votes.

Update found some shit by Ben Bradshaw MP on this:
"...Labour, by contrast, is guaranteeing universal broadband by 2012 at a minimum of 2Mbps and we will help fund the universal roll out of the next generation broadband using a 50 pence per month levy on current fixed phone lines – against a background of steadily falling telecoms bills."
Oh really, well my bill has not been steadily falling, it has remained about the same for the last year. 2Mbps is not fast, its basic. Nothing to write home about and why not just use some VAT exemption for areas that need cabling etc, companies will do this knowing they will turn a profit.

Oh and call it what it is, a tax. The use of the word levy is in this context the same as a tax:
To impose a tax or fine, to collect monies due, or to confiscate property
Still we are used to Mr Bradshaw talking shyte, as this was the utter contemptable fucking cuntbubble who said "unemployment can be good for people's health."
Ben Bradshaw said there can be an 'advantage' from losing your job because men who are out of work go the doctors more.
Ah the laugh a fucking minute of having to sign on, the japery of having to look for work again, the humour of struggling to pay the bills, side splitting laughs as the bailiffs pop around for the telly, piss yourself laughing as the mortgage company repossess the house.

No wonder they fucked the economy, the cunts want us all happy and healthy!

3 people have spoken:

Thud said...

Who could argue against such a paltry tax they say...well you and I it seems.

James Dowden said...

There's a cheaper solution to Scottish islands: move the residents to where they can access modern services, as was done with St Kilda.

Anonymous said...

Ben Bradshaw said there can be an 'advantage' from losing your job because men who are out of work go the doctors more.

Oh how I wish this was true.
I give up hope of ever seeing a Doctor a long time ago.
They seem to discriminate against Men.

I have been trying on and off for years to get a Doctors appointment, the answer is always the same "Try again tomorrow" (Tomorrow never comes !).

Yet my wife and daughter have no problems, they always get an appointment the next day.

In desperation I got my wife to phone up, no problem will 10:00 tomorrow be OK, until she said the appointment was for her husband, a quick re-check of the appointment book followed, and no they could not fit tomorrow in after all, could she "Try again tomorrow".
She tried this for the next two days with exactly the same result.

When she queried why they seemed to be favouring women, the receptionist confided in her that they took Womens health much more seriously, as research had proven that men were more frivolous, with ringing the doctors.

Frivolous ?? I have only managed to see my GP once in 18 years, and that for less than a minute.
Needless to say my GP is a woman.