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Council staff take twice as many 'sickies' as private sector.

Workshy, lazy bastards one and all. Fuckers know that they have a job for life in the local mafia that extorts tax money under threats of jail council and unlike the private sector does not have to generate any money in order to keep going.

Council workers are taking nearly twice as many sick days as private sector employees, according to a study.

The 'sick note' culture in the public sector is costing taxpayers £4billion a year. On average local authority employees take 13.5 sick days each year, compared with 7.9 days in the private sector.

The study of council 'sickies' was conducted by the Benenden Healthcare Society, which provides healthcare to council workers, and the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives.

It found that sickness absence could easily be cut by 20 per cent, saving £800million a year of public money if councils did more to tackle rampant absenteeism.

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