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Fiona Phillips fawning over Cyclops.

Fiona loves her one eye'd snot gobbler....To listen to her fawn over him, it was less a political debate than a woman acting like some 14 year old school girl defending her crush on the class mong.
Television presenter Fiona Phillips weighed in on the Government's leadership on Question Time tonight, admitting Gordon Brown's perceived lack of personality was hindering his premiership.

The former GMTV presenter, who in the past turned down a job in Government, said the prime minister was a passionate, honourable and altruistic man, but this did not come across in 'the age of the 24-hour media'.

She said he did not come across as a 'rounded, proper human being'. More a total and utter cunt, might be a more apt turn of phrase.

'It makes my heart sink when I hear people quoting the Guardian, and I think that this is fundamental to what is wrong with Gordon Brown’s government.

'I am a great admirer of his. For people who know him his personality does not come across in the way that he is as a person, he’s passionate, he’s honourable and he’s actually very funny when you speak to him as well.

'And he is in politics for all the right altruistic reasons. However he has a problem putting that across.

Oh for fucks sake. There is always one TV lovie, champagne socialist out of touch with the vast majority who see him as an unelected hoon; incapable of seeing the whole picture.

Right ya have all stuck around and so some naughty stuff I stuff of the intermong:snigger.

4 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

Well what do you know, she writes for the Daily Mirror. - Yet another one sided Question Time from the publicly funded State broadcaster it seems.

I see from the Labour list, that as soon as Andy Burnham has located his eye liner, he'll be the next to abandon the one eyed ship of hapless doom.

This would be hilarious if they weren't destroying peoples lives with their selfish Socialist shenanigans.

Boy oh boy, the elections must be an outright disaster for Cabinet members to be running away before the counts have even taken place.

Catosays said...

She's ousted 'Toenails' from his job as Chief Turd Inspector.
She shall henceforth be known as Toenails the Second or T2 for short.

subrosa said...

Oh Fido, I heard her last night. Even the person who sits on the settee with me (who has no interest in politics) remarked what a luvvie she was.

Fidothedog said...

Subrosa, maybe she is after the one eye'd ones, one eyed trouser snake?

Off out drinking later, so don't be surprised if an offensive photoshop of Fiona is done!