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Gordon Brown is a cunt.

Found that no one had taken this name on Blogger, so I did:http://gordonbrownisacunt.blogspot.com/

Send any ol shyte that calls Gordon Brown a cunt an I shall post it.

No matter how childish, purile or offensive.


Oh and a video as well, one I knocked up earlier to call the Rt. Hon. James Gordon Brown a cunt.

4 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

I'm glad he's not, too many dicks but never the right orifice!

Old Bag said...

i posted a "gordoom is a cunt" pic in my last blog from monday!..feel free to snaffle it deary!

English Rose said...

you can say that again Fido

Fidothedog said...

English, okay "Gordon Brown is a cunt"