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Left tro die - Jane DeVille-Almond

A hat tip to Dick Puddlecote for this one.

Below is a clip of one Jane DeVille-Almond (an evil amoral cunt of worst fucking stripe) came out with some of the views of the righteous, New Labour filth live on radio this morning.

She is quite happy for us little people to die in order to save the NHS a few quid.

She describes herself as a 'Nurse Consultant', I can but assume that was the same title that Josef Mengele had when he was killing off children for the Nazi's.

Lets just hope that she meets her end from something painful and runs out of money for her treatment. I wonder if she will be happy for her to die then.

Fucking evil cunt, her attitude fits in so well with the socialist outlook.

Labour filth want an end to the NHS, an end to democracy, a police state and those who do not fit in will be left to die. The scum even admit it.

5 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

What a charming woman. Let's hope that she doesn't contract any sort of nasty disease herself over the coming Years.

Fidothedog said...

Oh we can but hope.

Anonymous said...

Stop smoking then you nobs. Its a very selfish thing to do when we have to pay for you to survive when your being so utterly selfish and not helping the others, of whom the money could be more use to. Its simple, jane speaks the truth, she is a highly respected and intelligent woman. Shes trying to show you how to take care of yourself before its too late. Think outside of the box, how old are you? 10? Take control of your own lives and sort yourselves out!

Anonymous said...

Smokers pay more in TAX than non-smokers you knobhead, would it be the same for alcoholics? or fat people,stop telling people how to live,its all in agenda 21 have a read.

Fidothedog said...

Oh do fuck off anon.