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Here we go its quick fix policy announcement time.

Teachers will be able to take parents of unruly pupils to court, under plans being considered by ministers.

Children's Secretary Ed Balls is expected to toughen up enforcement of Home-School Agreements as part of a crackdown on misbehaviour.

Schools will get stronger powers to ask for the imposition of parenting orders, which could mean families being forced to attend classes to learn how to control their offspring.

Can't see it happening myself, yet more paperwork and just wait till little Tarquin or Lucinda gets some expert to explain in court that they are in fact not feral fucker in need a long overdue slap but in fact has some disorder - OCD seems to be a popular one these days.

Yet again we will be seeing another raft of good sounding policy announcements and they will all be watered down and/or dropped in record time.

Still it is house flipper Ed Balls, New Labours very own Piers-Fletcher Dervish.

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