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Its going to end in tears. Harperson to make the BNP multicultural.

I see Harriet Harperson is up to her old tricks again. She is going to make the BNP multicultural by law.

The British National party’s “whites-only” membership policy would be made illegal under new equality legislation being pushed through parliament, Harriet Harman, the deputy Labour leader and equality minister, said on Thursday.

Ms Harman’s decision to include a clause related to political party membership in the Equality Act is the first government attempt to confront the BNP directly after its capture this week of two European parliament seats, representing north-west England and Yorkshire and Humberside.

The BNP claims it is not a racist party, although it is openly “anti-Islam” and only allows “indigenous Caucasians” to become members.

In the Commons on Thursday, Ms Harman said: “There is no place in this country for a political party with an apartheid constitution and the equality bill will confirm that.”

Now she may try, but this is going to backfire on her. First off do people who feel the BNP to be against them really want to join that organisation? As an example if you were Jewish would you join - and I am sure be made very welcome I am sure - an anti Jewish group like say the Aryan Brotherhood?

Seriously, has she actually sat down for 5 minutes and thought it through. Who is actually going to sign up, pay their hard earned money to join a group that they feel doesn't represent their interests/world view?

So rather than look inwards and see their own failed policies, their open door policy to migration and pouring money into groups like the MCB(Muslim Council of Britain) whilst councils are seen to oppose St Georges Day; instead she thinks this will be a quick fix.

The other point is that anyone can set up a group, political or otherwise and invite in people they feel fit into that group. Maybe she will have a look at groups like Unite and the Black Police Officers group, or even the MCB and force them to admit others from outside.

After all level playing fields an all that Harperson.

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Anonymous said...

They are clearly unfit to be in office. They must be scared of the BNP which is why they wont engage in dialogue with them. That would serve them well, rather than impose a law that applies to BNP and not other Black only groups etc.

Just highlights the arrogance of Labour to me.

JPT said...

this will be a huge blow to the anti BNP people, for no longer will they be able to say to the BNP 'you're a racist party because you don't let blacks in'.

Jim said...

If the BNP dropped the blanket colour racism, and concentated on opposing Islamism and multiculturalism, and became a pro British, pro-Christianity (all colours welcome) party, then that would rocket propel its percentage of the vote. There is a huge constituency that is fed up with multiculturalism, immigration, European laws etc, that is not racist, but wants to stand up for its own culture. The BNP could become the English National Party in the way there is the SNP and Plaid Cymru. It could change the whole political scene if it makes the right choices.

Dave Snark said...

C'mon Paul, the old ' Black Police Officers group' lie? Anyone, of any colour can join that organisation if they so wish. The same can't be said of the BNP.

Unite is a multicultural and multiethnic organisation and colour isn't really a problem in the MCB is it?

I agree that it's no fucking business of anyone who an organisation has as members but to use empty BNP rhetoric as a justification is a tad misguided.

Cate Munro said...

Agree with all those comments - partic. Crybaby.
What the flying fuck are the Labour party doing fannying around over this nonsesne?
Basically they're running scared of the BNP and trying to bind this country up in as much legislastion as is humanly possible.
Have you read this?.
What exactly has this government to do that? Is pathetic!

Fidothedog said...

Dave colour may not a problem with the MCB, but being a kuffir(unbeliever) might just prove to be problematic in joining.

Dave Snark said...

Yes but the issue here is banning people on the ground of race.

The MCB don't

Unite don't

Black Police Officers Association don't

BNP do

See the difference?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! The Labour Party's 'answer' to the rise of the BNP is to 'ban' bit's of their rule book?

Dave: If the BPA is a swinging multiculti rainbow coffee coloured organisation, where lions and lambs do lay so peacefully, and former swords are on a special offer as ploughshares, then why does it exist? . The BPA exists to create a culture within which the unqualified, incapable and the unsuitable can lobby for positions and posts they are incapable of managing. Fuckwit.

So, the Jew can have his Board of Deputies, the Saracen his MCB, the incompetent his BPA, Unite can have any kind of homophobes or misogynist as members but is free to bar BNP members from membership, but the white man and woman can't have their BNP?

Typical Guardianista chatterati semantics. As you are well aware (unless you are completely shot) just because a child abuser denies his abuse, these organisations can say all they want that they are open to all races - the reality is that they are - apart from perhaps some self deluded Uncle Tom porch types - not.

Dave Snark said...

Nice strawman billy boy.

"So, the Jew can have his Board of Deputies, the Saracen his MCB, the incompetent his BPA, Unite can have any kind of homophobes or misogynist as members but is free to bar BNP members from membership, but the white man and woman can't have their BNP?"

Well for a start the 'white' man can have his BNP, just like the black policeman can have his BPA. The difference is one organisation bars others of different colour and the other one doesn't. UNITE can bar BNP members but it doesn't ban them because they are 'white', it bans them because they belong to a racist party (and probably knucklescraping fuckwits).

As for the BJD and MCB, those are religious bodies and accept anyone of that faith regardless of colour.

It's not a difficult concept.

As I pointed out above, my personal opinion is that no group should have their membership dictated to by government. If you want to be a part of a white supremacist party fair enough. My point is that you can't use the MCB, BPA and Unite as examples because against the BNP they don't stack up. Only in the extremely limited intellect of a typical BNP supporter could you equate a racist 'whites only' policy with organisations that have no bar on colour.

Fidothedog said...

Dave, my main problem with this is rather than Labour tackling the points that are giving the BNP votes they seek to pick a minor point instead.

No doubt they will argue in court assorted reasons why the BNP are all evil nasty folk and why people of colour should be allowed to join.

Thus giving the BNP both a sounding board, plus loads of free publicity to boot.

If the BNP lose they will play themselves as victims, should they win they will milk that for all the publicity they can.

Instead this rather poor government should ask itself why folk feel they have to turn to a minor party in large numbers, show they are tackling immigration and the other issues.

Of course that might require somewhat more than constant tractorstats production targets from the No.10 bunker.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until this becomes law. It's going to become a whole lot of fun. As a white non-Muslim, I can be legally entitled to be a member of a Muslim, Black, Hindu, Sikh or any other minority organisation and I can't be discriminated against.

Methinks the ruling party hasn't fully thought this through, have they?

stu32 said...

There are Muslim political parties in the UK,google and see.
Im sure they'd love me,a pagan turning up with me bacon sarnies!