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Its now Obama beach, not Omaha

Our unelected, snot munching, mono eyed PM should get on his knees and suck Obama's cock, get it out of his system.

Oh, and he was booed by irate veterans. Go Gordon, you fucking slime, you worthless sack of skin, you vile dog vomit of a man.

3 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

how sad for those veterans to witness that snot gobbler..they witnessed a time when the UK was great and many of theyre friends died to protect our freedom and freedom of speech..the same things gordoom and his nazis have destroyed. utter, utter CUNT.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I think the booing may have come from the French, who quite rightly blame the one eyed cunt for the "Global" meltdown.

Debbie said...

You scared me there for a minute, I thought they really had changed the name of the beach to Obama Beach. Why wouldn't they, as you say everyone is in love with the Muslim apologist. I can't wait to vote him OUT.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth