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Jessica Morden Expenses - Newport deserves better.

Rubber stamp Morden who is hardly ever in The House due to producing babies at a rate that would make a Somali illegal jealous, has some expenses that I had not covered before here.

So what has Jess been blowing taxpayers hard earned cash on? Well we have £33.69 batteries and kitchenware, £1 on cleaning wipes, £10.03 on cleaning items.
Jessica Morden 0708 ACA
There is a gas bill for £90.49p, £93.35 on water oh and £8 on tongs and £7 on a spatula.

A cool £21.24 on bulbs, 59.99 on a radio for her to listen to Ron Davis no doubt! £52.00 on a rug and £72.49 on a kettle plus water filter.

£14.99 on a table lamp, a mini colander £13.00

She sleeps sound at night having spent £12.00 on a pillow, £10.50 on a bin and can get ready for a hard day of voting with the government as she spent £35.00 on a shower fitting.

Then we have £159 on a bench! A huge £12 on a doormat(my last one cost me a whole £1), £34.98 on a shower head and £40 on a lamp to put all the taxpayer funded bulbs in.

Then we have a £29 water sterilizer, £15.99 on a shelf and bedding coming to £41.16 to go with the pillow.

£42.00 on flooring, £128 shelves & storage? No details on this. £80.99 on a chest of draws, oh and £139 pound on a vacuum cleaner.

£295 on a sofa bed, £44.10 on a clothes rail, £223 on assorted bedding/towels.

One hide & sleep bed in a box, cost to the taxpayer of £285, described as chocolate leather single.

£5 on plates, £89.99 electrical goods - a DAB radio pure evoke cherry - the model is here

£85.56 kitchen equipment. £3625 in assorted legal costs for 2nd home. £539 telly & dvd, no doubt work related and she stays up all night watching Gordon on the BBC.

£746 assorted furnishings, she even charged us £7 for a "jumbo ice tray", also as we all know no Rt Hon. member of The Commons can do their job without a "bamboo stripe/oven glove a snip at £5

She also claimed for books, including Bring Home the Revolution; The Case for a British Republic, by Jonathan Freedland, which was queried by the fees office.

One would hardly think that we paid her a wage of £64K a year. Now as I understand it expenses are for things to be used as part of an MP's job, so is Jessica doing the cooking for real MP's who actually vote against the government on occasions?

Jess Morden champagne socialism in action!

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