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Life in Soviet Britain: Stephen Cook & the stubbed out cigarette.

Today in Thisislondon....A teacher claims he was removed from a bus by police after he stubbed a cigarette out on the pavement.

Stephen Cook, 49, from Finsbury Park, was outside Archway Tube station when he threw his cigarette on to the pavement. He said five wardens appeared to issue him with a £50 fine. Mr Cook, who said there were no ashtrays outside the station, refused to accept it and walked away to catch a bus.

He said Islington wardens called the police and minutes later they arrived with sirens sounding to tell him to get off the bus and accept the fine.

The law against stubbing out cigarettes on the street was introduced with the smoking ban in 2007.

Cunts, this is what we have sunk to. No matter that the law and order is falling apart, petty regulations against the law abiding must be enforced, whilst serious crimes are ignored. This is the result of 12 years of socialist communist social engineering.

6 people have spoken:

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Meanwhile, murderers roam the streets courtesy of the 'justice' system

Henry North London said...

And Child Abductors

Just had the boys in blue turn up on our street and ask me who wasnt looking out of the window 50 minutes ago

if I'd seen a kid being picked up in a silver car and being abducted,

I had to say that i was doing paperwork which I was I dont spend my time spying on the street.

Old Bag said...

nice to know the dog shit inspectors are doing they're jobs, the absolute CUNTS.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

You ain't seen nothing yet, the worst is yet to come. The pukes over on my side of the pond are now running television ads telling us that we better pay more attention to what we put on our plates at dinner time, because they want us to eat more pork, chicken and fish because steer farts are a leading cause of global warming.

Meanwhile, while they pay attention to what we eat, school teachers (male and female)are screwing the hell out of children and grandchildren. Hell, no wonder the public schools over here don't want the kids to play tag, dodge ball,etc., because they don't want the poor kiddies to become too tired out to perform in bed.

God what a sick friggen world.

Gigits said...

This is infuriating. A mis-direction of resources that typifies the incompetence of the regime that we have to live under.


Fidothedog said...

Gigits, that is all the PCSO style inspectors, snoops and other watchers are good for.

Labour voting non jobs.