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Lunacy: Veggie MP's in charge of meat industry.

About as much use as tits on a bull.....He's been appointed to champion the ailing livestock industry. But Labour's new Farming Minister might have to wrestle with his conscience as he does so.

He's a vegetarian.

Jim Fitzpatrick, also a fierce opponent of hunting, will report to Environment Secretary Hilary Benn - who does not eat meat either.

The appointment raised fears that livestock farmers' views will fall on unsympathetic ears.

There are also concerns the former Minister for London has little knowledge of rural affairs.

Mr Fitzpatrick already faced an uphill battle as his predecessor Jane Kennedy, who quit last week in protest at Gordon Brown's leadership style, was hugely popular with farmers.

One pressing issue facing Mr Fitzpatrick is the menace of bovine TB, which could require a controversial badger cull.

Hilary Benn claimed only £42,113 on his second homes allowance in four years. Faces questions over party funding after it emerged he paid rent to the Labour Party from expenses. Claimed for party political propaganda.

Mr Fitzpatrick s an MP in the capital, claims the “London supplement” rather than the additional costs allowance for second homes. Has claimed the maximum for past eight years

Labour hate the countryside and everyone in it, as they all vote for other parties. If its not an inner city slum Labour filled with pikeys, jihadists and chavscum they could not give a flying fuck.

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