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Mark Tami MP for woodworm treatment & dry cleaning.

Mark Tami has a second home in Bromley, Kent. Bought London home in Dec 2007, claimed £9,000 stamp duty and mortgage interest rate increased to £1,300

DEESIDE MP Mark Tami claimed £850 for replacing radiators following a leak at his London home in 2006/7.

In the same year he claimed £1,128 for window repairs and painting. There were claims of £230 towards a desk, £599.99 for a TV, £134.99 for a TV stand, £220 for a chair, £180 for chimney repair, £75 for saucepans, £549.95 for washer/dryer, £180 for cooker hob, £200 for music centre/radio, £220 for shelving, £100 for glasses and crockery; £220 for woodworm treatment and £30 for dry cleaning.

He installed a new bathroom at his London home in the summer of 2005 at a cost of £5,186. But receipts show he only claimed £3,500 towards the work.

Other claims during the year included a £230 for a rug, £190 for a coffee table and £80 for a mirror, and wardrobe for £240.

The MP also carried out renovation work, spending £240 on kitchen flooring, £220 on a replacement door, £180 on skirting boards, and £110 on fireplace tiles.

In October 2007 he moved home in London and claimed £9,000 – two-thirds of £13,500 stamp duty and in March 2008 £1,046.92 which was two-thirds of legal fees on the property purchase.

Between September 2005 and October 2007 his claim for accommodation was just over £4,500 less than he could have claimed. His claims for furniture were consistently less than sums he paid and he has bought no furniture in the last two years.

He loves the old expenses gravy train does Tami! No wonder he is a fanboy of Fidel Castro calling for sanctions to be removed.

He also voted to cover up FOI requests.

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