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The MCB can take a flying fuck, as can the gutless BBC.

Cowards at the BBC pay out other peoples money to savages....The BBC has offered to pay £30,000 and apologise to the Muslim Council of Britain after airing claims that it encourages the killing of British troops.

The Corporation caved in after a panellist on the Question Time TV programme accused the country's most influential Muslim organisation of failing to condemn attacks on soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The broadcaster was threatened with legal action over comments by former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore during a debate about Islamic protests which marred a soldiers' homecoming parade in Luton.

Mr Moore blamed the MCB's leadership for its apparent reluctance to condemn the killing and kidnapping of British soldiers overseas. He went on to claim that it thought it was a 'good thing' to kill troops.

Faced with the threat of a writ, the BBC made an offer of 'amends' and an apology on the Question Time website. But this has been rejected and the MCB is demanding an apology on air.

Will the savages at the MCB apologise for the murder of a UK citizen by their co-religionists, or do they class him as worthless kufir(unbeliever in Arabic)?

2 people have spoken:

Man Of The Woods said...

More to the point, who the fuck do these evil fuckers think they are. They are stretching our people to the limit of their patience, not just here but all over Europe.

I wonder what the MCB have to say about the grooming of young girls by muslim gangs. They are noticeably quiet on that particular issue, as are the BBC.

Evil fuckers, the lot of them.

Man Of The Woods said...

P.S. Vote with your conscience fido. ;o)