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MP expenses whitewash time.

Here we go again, or rather we dont.

The vast majority of MPs involved in the expenses scandal will not face prosecution, it emerged yesterday.

Even those who made outrageous claims had based them on ‘accurate information’, the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service said in a statement.

It added that ‘a small number of allegations’ were still being pursued.

So all that flipping of houses, not paying tax on monies gained, wholesale looting of public finances, duck islands, porn films and God alone knows what else has been in real terms given the okay.

So some of the Rt Hon. thieves will stand down, hand back a cheque, claim it is all within the rules. Then seek to get on House of Lords gravy train.

However should you be a humble fisherman who lands a few cod above the quota, the state will seize your home as proceeds of crime.

Should you be caught doing a few hours work whilst signing on you face a visit to the court, a fine and criminal record.

Should you fail to declare tax you could end up in prison.

One rule for MP's another for the voters.
Hat tip to GOT for the pic.

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