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New Labour - Illegal immigration out of control.

Three illegal immigrants have been convicted of taking part in Britain's single biggest visa scam.
More than 90,000 counterfeit documents were produced at a property in west London, allowing hundreds of people to cheat UK border controls.

Isleworth Crown Court was told how Indian nationals Jatinder Sharma and Rakhi Shahi took advantage of a "shambolic" system of immigration checks.

Mr Sharma's wife Neelam was also found guilty of possessing criminal property.

Prosecutor Francis Sheridan said evidence gathered for the case presented a "damning indictment" of failures by the Home Office to spot the fraudsters, who submitted hundreds of bogus visa applications.

Sharma, 44, was only caught after he offered to get an undercover reporter a post graduate diploma in business administration and other fraudulent documents for about £4,000.

The scam mainly targeted the government's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - a points based system which gives preference to those in desired professions, like doctors and dentists.

The international Graduate Scheme and other leave to remain applications were also exploited.
Mr Sheridan said: "The Home Office system was designed to operate with trust.

"The evidence shows it was naive in its conception and a shambles in reality, but it did not justify someone taking full advantage to cheat the system time and time again..."
Metropolitan Police officers and officials from the UK Border Agency swooped on the fraudsters' company Univisas, based in Southall, west London, in February 2008.

They discovered a mountain of documents, including false university certificates, academic records, bank statements and pay slips.

Investigators also uncovered records of more than 900 people who had been given documentation by Univisas....

New Labour a total shambles on migration, time to kick em out.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

They're still laughing because they'll get star treatment in prison. Justice would be to deport them, track down all the fuckers they helped here and deport the whole lot in one fell swoop.

Freeze all of their bank accounts, here and abroad and put the funds in whats left of the taxpayer kitty.

Old Bag said...

how about this instead CB: shoot the sponging fuckers. every last one of the cunts.