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Pat McFadden MP grasped £5,581 in legal fees, stamp duty and solicitors fees

Another fine example of New Labour filth hogging expenses....
He went on to spend £4,807.41 on furniture for the property, much of it from stores in London, including Heal's and Habitat.

hat included a £995 large sofa, a £995 oak veneer bed frame, £250 oak veneer bedside chest and £395 walnut veneer dining table from Heal's, and £356 for four brown leather dining room chairs from Habitat.

Mr McFadden also spent £584 on a mattress, £868.80 on electrical goods including a fridge and washing machine, £263.50 on crockery and cutlery, £214.34 on kitchen items and lamps and £206.80 on installation of a television aerial at his designated second home.

In May 2006 the MP claimed £356 for four brown leather dining room chairs bought at Habitat in London, which was queried by the fees office. He explained that they were for his designated second home in Wolverhampton and he had driven the chairs there.

He claimed another £969.47 for lights, curtains and blinds, which included a bill of £337.84 from John Lewis for inside and outside lighting. He spent another £71 on bins.

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