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Paul Flynn MP - Newport deserves better - Silence is golden.

Not a word today on the Euro elections from comrade Paul Flynn, nothing on his read my webshyte blog.

Lots of fluff on reforming MP's expenses, a bit late for that don't you think?

Nothing about calling in the tax people or the police to arrest corrupt thieving MP's.

But getting back to the Euro elections, nothing on the Tories doing their best in Wales since 1918, nothing on the poor showing by Wales Labour, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Least of all on the expenses, the graft and years of "legal" theft by one Paul Flynn MP. Comrade Flynn is saying nothing on that!

Like when he was sued by Endowment Justice paid them damages of 36K, did he use his own funds for this or public funds? Also if he used his own money did he claim that back off of the taxpayer?

Thanks to the Telegraph we know that he stole "within the rules" a cool £7,052 for new kitchen, £1,153 on carpets and £1,200 decoration for his London property in 2005, before selling it and moving to a new £275,000 flat. He also claimed £9,629 in stamp duty and fees.

Also £16,958.00 2nd home allowance, £13,913.00 on office costs, £92,902.00 staffing costs, £202.00 central stationary, £510.00 stationary & postage. £1,209.00 IT provision, £7,171.00 on communications, £8,096.00 travel, £140,961.00 total.

He also claimed back mortgage interest of £215.00, claimed back water utilities of £26.07, electricity £27,00, council Tax £89.33, television service £16.50.

So whilst workers (if they are still lucky enough to have a job) have to pay their own council tax, their own tv services, their own travel, their own electric bills our MP gets all that gratis off of the hard working taxpayers.

Sadly they are not MP's and so unable to steal from the public purse.

So lets see £64K a year wages for doing - in my view a poor job - and £140K in expenses on top of that. Nice work if you can get it.

2 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

Would a twelve per cent swing in Newport do for the old Comrade? - Or has he got a stupidly big majority?

Fidothedog said...

Need about 4000 to kill him off, I think when the election is announced that I can get that organised.