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PC thought policing under New Labour.

Civil servants have sent out thousands of bogus job applications to businesses in an effort to expose racism.

Ministers were under fire last night for backing the research project which was condemned as 'unethical and underhand'.

The applications were written with false identities to see whether firms were unfairly rejecting jobhunters with foreign-sounding names.
When will government grasp that the jobsmarket is perfectly capable of resolving itself, not needing the all guiding hand of the uber-state.
Solicitor General Vera Baird said initial results suggested 'there was quite a strong sense that there is race discrimination going on'.
Gosh! Really Vera. Maybe people would be more concerned by your hogging of their hard earned tax money. You know, like the £4,570 bill for furniture you put in, or the £349 claimed for a metal wall sculpture. Oh and the tens of thousands of pounds of public money to pay for a new roof, flooring, windows and a porch at Vera's second home. Just raising a point is all.
Ministers already spend £70million a year on an equality quango, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which is charged with investigating alleged racism among employers.

But the fake job application scheme was devised within the Department of Work and Pensions, the ministry responsible for paying most benefits and trying to get the jobless back into work.
Its Secretary of State Yvette Cooper presides over an Ethnic Minority and Employment Task Force which devised the trick 'research'.
So right, lets see if I have this right. New Labour already blow a huge wedge on one quango staffed with timeservers bleating on about "is it cos I is black." and then decided to do their own research at yet more expense to the taxpayer.

Mind thats the same Mrs Ed "flipper" Balls who along with her husband had been accused of using the £24,000 second home allowance given to MP's to pay for a modest £655,000 home in North London.
Officials conducted the exercise by putting in two or more applications for each of 1,000 job vacancies.
CVs would be similar, but the applications would be signed either with a traditional British name or one that looked as if it belonged to an applicant from an ethnic minority.
Employers who offered interviews to the fake applicants were put through to a mobile phone number, where their offer was declined.
Now the flaws with this are just so obvious, yet I shall list them. First off with regards picking staff, how do they know that because the ethnic minority name was not picked that the employer is a fully paid up member of the BNP?

Sometimes its the first one on the pile of CV's that gets called in. Also who is to say that someone with a traditional British sounding name is white?

Still not that wasting money or facts for that matter, have ever got in the way of this shower of shit finding ever more strange ways to piss away money.

But this is where this tale becomes even more strange, we see that HM Govt is actively planning to discriminate against the majority population.
Miss Harman also wants to use her Equality Bill to get more women, black and disabled people on to the boards of public bodies through active discrimination.

She wants to increase the ratio of female and ethnic minorities among 18,500 board members on the 1,200 organisations accountable to the Government.

Such public groups include the Big Lottery Fund, English Heritage and the Gambling Commission.

Under the Bill, ministers making such appointments could discriminate against equally-qualified white males without fear of being sued.
There you go, state quota's no need for ability. Feel free to complain as the state can then ignore your complaint and no doubt claim your racist for daring to speak up against being discriminated against.

Gareth Elliott of the British Chambers of Commerce said his organisation has advised against the ' unethical' research.

'We are completely shocked to hear the DWP has gone ahead,' he said. 'Businesses have enough on their plate without having to deal with the underhand tactics of the DWP.'

Maybe we should all apply for a job, then when turned down claim to have some ethnic minority ancestry? Sounds like a plan.

From now on, on every application form I fill in I shall be not ticking the white box.

A tick in the transgender box and I am sure I will be starting my non job on Monday, cheers Harperson.

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