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Phil Woolas admits he has 'no clue' how many foreign students attend bogus colleges.

Another useless waste of skin that should be collecting his P45.
Phil Woolas admitted the Government does not have a clue how many bogus students are at large in the UK.

After being asked repeatedly by MPs how many student visa cheats may be living here, the immigration minister replied: 'It is best not to guess if you are not sure.'

Critics point to the fact that - unlike Mr Blair - Mr Woolas does not have the defence of not knowing how many illegals had sneaked into the country in the back of lorries.

Every bogus student in the country was allowed in by the Government, which handed them a visa. There have been concerns terrorists recognised the student visa route was the easiest into the UK, and exploited it.

The only clue Mr Woolas was prepared to offer on the scale of the bogus colleges problem was that, where there had been 4,000 colleges registered to take foreign students in the past, there are now only 1,600.

Previous on this cunny: Phil admits the government got it worng...Ministers vastly underestimated the scale of immigration, running into hundreds of thousands of new entrants, from the so-called A8 countries who joined the EU five years ago.

Some of Phils dubious expenses....One bill, for £110.20 spent in the Horsham branch of Tesco, shows he spent £1.48 on panty liners, £1.19 on tampons, £2.99 on nappies and £15 on a lady's blouse.

Mind this is the tool who attempted to silence the ONS when they produced figures showing that immigration was on the up as UK workers lost their jobs.

Go phil have a pie....right to the face.

I have a feeling that once Jackboot is out the door, Phil will be taking over as the arsehole No.1 in this fag end government.

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

utter cunt...is there some sort of breeding programme going on within labore that is cloning total cunts?...first jackboots now this fucknut..so there is possibly thousends of murdering ragheads "studying" here at mickey mouse universities?...you couldnt make this bollocks up. what a tool and a waste of the gene pool.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Perhaps Phil could push for the illegals to receive amnesty and citizenship, then as they come forward to receive their "reward", he could count them then.