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Rt Hon. Jeff Ennis MP - Grasping champagne socialist hoon.

A hat tip to Barnsley-nationalists as well as The Telegraph and Grauniad for the figures.

Well the hoon for Barnsley East and Mexborough MP, Jeff Ennis, in January last year claimed £149.99 for a Toshiba DVD recorder for his second home.

Other electrical goods he claimed for included a £379.99 television, £89.99 stereo and a £24.99 toaster.

He has also submitted receipts of £33.97 for lampshades, £50.40 for curtains, £39.99 for a radio alarm, £40.31 for a microwave and oven trays and £11.98 for a new blind.

Oh and lampshades £33.96, TV arial £39.99 as well as letting us plebs pay for his council tax and telly licence as well utilities.

£40 on Wombwell & District Amateur Operatic Society

£40 on H B Clark & Co (Successors) Ltd.

His wbsite hosting/redesign 1485.00, gosh thats a lot of cash.

And best of all whilst the unemployed struggle to put food on the table, they will be oh so happy to see that despite his wage of £64K a year he has regularly claimed £400 a month to stuff his champagne swilling socialist face.

Saved the best till last, he claims £85 plumbing, saying: “My bath has been condemned” - Maybe its time to give up the £400 a month food and lose some weight fatboy.

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