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The Welsh Arsembly in action.

Ever wondered what high powered decisions your AM's in Wales come up with? Well wonder no more. From the local rag.
SHOPPERS could be charged up to 20p for plastic carrier bags at checkouts in Wales.

The Assembly will next week launch a three-month consultation looking into ways of introducing a charge of between 10 and 20p.

It is predicted the move would raise between £6.48m and £12.96m, which would be used to fund environmental projects.

Around 648 million plastic bags are used in Wales each year, almost all of which are distributed free of charge. (My local Spar staffed by some of the most miserable sour faced fuckers on Gods Earth already charges 10p)
That's it, carrier bags. A new shiny £67 million Assembly Building, known as the Senedd an they debate carrier bags. Jesus wept.

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