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When is an inquiry not an inquiry? When its held by Cyclops.

Only Cyclops could dream this shit up....Gordon Brown provoked fury today by revealing the long-awaited inquiry into the Iraq war will be heard in secret and will not report until after the next election.

There was outrage among the families of victims and campaigners after the Prime Minister unveiled the much-anticipated probe but admitted it would be held behind closed doors.

They immediately branded the move yet another 'whitewash' in their campaign for a full-scale inquiry into the decision to go into a war that has cost 179 British lives to date.

There was further criticism as Mr Brown revealed a report will not be published until around next July - taking it beyond the next election - and would not be allowed to apportion any criminal or civil blame.

His pledge the panel would be 'fully independent of Government' and would be given access to 'all documents, all papers and all material', including any secret files, did little to mollify campaigners.

Brown is a cunt, he fails to grasp that we were lied to over WMD, lied to over the threats of Saddam and have been repeatedly lied to since. Still as Gordon will be losing the next election and he along with the rest of the Labour scum will be flushed down the toilet of history he can announce anything he wants; that don't make it so.

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