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Who ate all the pies? It was the MP's did and you paid.

More than 30 MPs claimed the maximum £400 allowance for food every month last year, with many billing the taxpayer for meals when the Commons was not sitting, it was reported today.

The amount claimed for food by 646 MPs in 2007-08 totalled £1.197m – an average of £154 a month per MP, the Daily Telegraph calculated.

The claims revealed appetites for snacks including Peperami sausages, Pot Noodles, pork pies, jellied eels and Farley's rusks.

No wonder they pass such utter shit laws, these Rt Hon hoons are so out of touch I bet they could not even make a half decent guess as to the cost of a pint of milk or a loaf of bread. How can they do a decent job for us when they have no idea of what things are like in the real world?

Add onto that the subsidized bars and cheap food available in the House, again funded by the hard put upon taxpayer and it is a poor show.


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