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Andrew MacKinlay - The odd man out in the Labour shitpile.

I read this MP is planning on standing down.

Andrew MacKinlay is to quit the Commons at the next election after becoming disillusioned with the ability of backbenchers to stand up to Government.

Only 10 Labour MPs voted for a review of the extradition treaty under which the Asperger's sufferer is being sought, even though 74 had signed motions in support of his case.

A shame as we need more MP's equiped with a working set of testicles who are willing to stand up for things. True he might be in my opinion misguided in many things but he hates Brown which proves that that is a silver lining to even the most socialist of clouds.

He said of the Cyclopedian one that he was a mono eyed "rabbit trapped in the headlights of a car"

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