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Asda - rule following fucknuts, even when the rules do not even apply.

Hat tip to uksnowolf for this spot of fuckwittery by Asda. Be warned common sense has left the building.

A man who was prevented from buying a bottle of wine in a Sussex supermarket because he was with his 15-year-old daughter has criticised its policy.

Mark Brown said he told staff at Asda in Brighton that the wine was for him.

But Mr Brown, who often shops with his daughter Madison, said he was told he could not be served the alcohol unless she had ID to prove her age.

So a chap go's into a shop to buy a product, to add to the companies profits and even if he and his daughter were to drink that at home it is none of Asda's business.
A statement from Asda said it had been "erring on the side of caution in line with national guidelines".
Again, none of Asda's business. He is an adult, buying a legal product.
The company is one of several supermarkets using the new checkout policy in order to prevent individual members of staff from being prosecuted for selling alcohol to someone under age.
He however is not underage. The fact he has his child with him is of no relevance what-so-fucking-ever.
Richard Dodd, of the British Retail Consortium, said: "I think parents should actually be reassured to see retailers being so rigorous in their determination not to sell alcohol to under-18s."
Oh really, well it used to be that common sense had a place in business and if Richard seems to think that is common sense then he should consider his position and maybe go flip burgers to folk in McDonalds.

He misses the point, the daughter was not buying the demon drink, the father was. Its so simple that the point is missed on Walmart/Asda.

Fucking dim witted hoons.

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