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Cherie Blair has swine flu.

So 29 people have died from swine flu and now we hear that Cherie Blair has contracted it. Well 30 is a nice round number, go on Cherie. You can do it.

Think of the happiness that she will give this land by expiring, the cheap jokes and fuck it the sheer bloody amusement that your dying will give me.

Hell I have a few jokes worked out already for sickipedia, so come on Cherie lets see you shuffling off this mortal coil.

The thought of her gurning husband on tv crying, fills me with joy. Especially as he never shed a fucking tear over any of the war dead.

Hat tip to the-red-rag for the pic.

bastardoldholborn also offers his kind regards.

Oh I would like to add that the moment she pegs it, I shall be cracking open a bottle in celebration.

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