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Civil servant sacked for calling Hazel Blears a 'disgrace' in anonymous internet post( 2nd post)

From The Voice of the Resistance

MySociety have checked with Lisa Greenwood to see what actually happened. The email was inadvertently sent from her work account rather than her hotmail account.

I've just had a phone chat with Lisa Greenwood, the sacked civil servant. She's explained, and even been kind enough to send me anemail that I can use as evidence. In short, what she told me happened was:

1.) She used google and ended up on Hazel Blear's page on TheyWorkForYou.com

2.) She clicked through from it to Hazel's official site

3.) She found the 'contact me' page on the official site and thenclicked on the email address, which, using a mailto: tag popped up herwork email client.

4.) She wrote and sent her fatal email, which was delivered from herDCSF email account, not her Hotmail which she'd normally use.

Here's how Lisa describes it in her own words:

"Dear Tom, I googled Hazel Blears and found the website 'they work for you' and it said to contact Hazel Blears click on the following link http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/hazel_blears/salford
I then clicked on her personal webpage that said 'contact me'. You will have to contact the DCFS for them to explain their interception. Many thanks Lisa Greenwood"

My guess is that the recipient – the Blears official site - decided to crush Miss Greenwood and tipped off DCSF, who held a kangaroo court and sacked her.

Utterly outrageous.

Miss Greenwood should get in touch with an employment law solicitor straight away. She should obtain full disclosure of all material relating to her dismissal including any contact made by the Blears office. I predict a minor scandal and a modest pay-off….if this is kept in the public eye. You know now….if you get in touch with a MP or minister’s office and they don’t like what you say, they will try and get you sacked.

The Guardian also covers this.

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