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CPS drops case against Mrinal Patel

Dof of the cap to the-daily-politics.com for this one.
The first parent to be prosecuted for fraud over allegedly lying to get her son into an "outstanding" school has had the charges dropped.

Mrinal Patel faced up to a year in jail or a £5,000 fine after Harrow council accused her of lying about where she lived to get her five-year-old into one of the most sought-after primaries in London.

But the council has dropped the case after receiving legal advice that its use of the Fraud Act 2006 could be open to challenge, a decision which has wide-ranging implications for enforcing school admissions rules across Britain. Harrow is calling on ministers to tighten the law to stop cheating by parents. Link to full story

Maybe the council and ministers, should ask themselves why after all the billions poured into the school system parents feel the need to get their kids into the best schools.

If a fraud case over dubious addresses needs to be brought they could start with one Ed Balls aka Piers Fletcher-Dervish, who is now calling for an investigation into the number of parents who lie about where they live to secure school places.

Eddie and his wife designated their London home as their "second home", rather than the constituency properties. Despite their 3 young children going to school in the capital.

In the words of Devil's Kitchen:
Ed Balls: this man is an unmitigated cunt. And not the good type of cunt, the kind that attractive ladies have between their legs. Oh, no. This man is the worst cunt in the world—a diseased, unkempt, unwashed, scabby, Polly Toynbee cunt, with big pointy fucking teeth. The cunt.
Here here. Fuck off Ed, just fuck off and die.

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